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Ken-Spect Property Inspections

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Purchasing a piece of real estate it is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Real estate is an investment for you, your family or your business. It is the goal of Ken-spect to partner with you in helping you to invest wisely by providing the accurate information needed to make an informed decision regarding your property investments.



What is a Residential Property Inspection?                                              

The intent of a property inspection is to observe
installed systems and components in a residence
and submit a written report to the client which
will include:


                  Structural Components

                  Roofing System

                  Exterior Components (flashing, siding, etc.)

                  Electrical System

                  Heating System

                  Insulation & Ventilation

                  Plumbing System

                  Interior Components
(primary windows and doors, etc.)


                  Fireplaces & Solid Fuel Burning Appliances

(driveway, sidewalk, retaining walls, etc.)

                  Wood Destroying

                  Advised Maintenance





          -  ASHI Standards

        -  Buyer Inspection

          -  Seller Inspection

          -  10 month Warranty Inspection

          -  Structural Inspection

          -  Matrix Deluxe Reporting System

          -  Manufactured Homes




        - Due Diligence
            ASTM #2018-99


          - Insurance Inspection

        - Office Inspections

   To book an inspection or have your questions 
    answered contact

    KEN-SPECTProperty Inspections

    Ken McNabb, Owner

    Phone: 206.850.8859


    Washington Inspector Number : 434

    Currently we serve Western Washington
    State. Upon request we would be happy to
    consider areas of service but a gas tax may